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Hardware Thread, SSD and power. in Technical; If all else fails, before you spend any money on a new PSU - take everything out of it's slot ...
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    If all else fails, before you spend any money on a new PSU - take everything out of it's slot (all RAM, all PCIe cards, detach all cables etc) then put them all back in again. It's amazing how often a slightly loose connection caused by you bumping around inside the case when installing something new can cause headaches! It's usually the first thing I try now as 9/10 times it works (perhaps I'm a bit clumsy fingered?)

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    My wife's PC started doing a similar thing when I installed a Sandisk Extreme SSD.

    It's a fairly old Acer Aspire PC with nForce motherboard. Initially we upgraded it with a Sandisk Ultra SSD and all was brilliant - it became nippy and responsive and she was very happy with it. Then 7 months in, the SSD died. Sandisk support were great, agreed to swap it out and said they would replace it with the Extreme SSD to avoid future problems. So when it arrived, I popped it in, imaged it from the original HDD I had kept after the first upgrade and all seemed OK for a week or so.

    Then the problems started - initially all that happened was the PC had a tendency to cut off when it tried to sleep. Fixed that by disabling Hybrid Sleep, but very soon it started to just cut off randomly and then we had problems with it booting - 'no system disk' errors and that ilk, but which were fixed by powering off and on again.

    Eventually, we couldn't get it working at all. I assumed another dead SSD, but it worked fine in my PC. So assumed a dead SATA controller/motherboard. But the original WD Blue HDD works fine.

    I have now concluded it's just a fatal incompatibility between the newer SATA 3 SSD and the old SATA 2 controller on the motherboard.

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