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Bang goes the argument schools don't have enough money for enterprise kit!!
Exactly, that whole argument which has been used to justify persisting with inferior solutions is looking shakier and shakier as time goes on. I know a lot of school IT departments have historically had very measly budgets and so they've had to concentrate their financial resources in 'firefighting' areas....

But I've read of a ton of examples of schools all across the country replacing their entire switching infrastructure with Cisco 3750's/3560's, of large orders for new apple imacs, fibre backbone upgrades and the most extreme example i've heard about this particular school.

If schools have the money it's not hard to justify the expense of going 'enteprise' in certain key areas. The areas where you shouldn't skimp are ;

Storage (netapp is the obvious answer but there are others)
Switching (the 3750/3560 are enterprise edge)
Servers (hardware and software)
Backup (hardware and software)

Do RM and co. have a place in this brave new world - well if you're happy with their kit and it works for you carrying on using it...I personally wouldn't but there isn't necessarily a right or wrong answer. And it could all be academic once BSF kicks in as those decisions could well be taken out of the hands of IT managers anyway.