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Hardware Thread, Dell Latitude Esata port in Technical; Hi I have a Dell E6320 Latitude laptop which has an ESATA port. I have an external USB drive which ...
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    Dell Latitude Esata port


    I have a Dell E6320 Latitude laptop which has an ESATA port.

    I have an external USB drive which has both a USB and Esata port. I am doing some work with Hyper-V so ideally want to use this drive to store VMs on it and want to do this using esata rather than USB as it will be quicker.

    The external drive works fine when using on USB but doesnt work on esata. The laptop doesnt even detect it at all. I done some work with the registry and BIOS to get the laptop working on ACHI rather than ATA setting, hoping this would resolve but still hasn't made a difference.

    Checked all the drivers/Firmware for the laptop and everything is running on the latest edition.

    Its running Windows 7 Pro X64.

    Phoned Dell as well and couldnt offer anything apart from changing the Motherboard but I don't think this is the issue.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? unfortunately I don't have another esata device to test it on so options are limited.


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    Not sure how much help this is but the startech usb drive kit ive got I either have to

    1. Ensure all cables are connected prior to powering on ( one usb cable only used to power the drive & one esata cable )

    2. If not then I have to go into device manager and scan for new hardware and it picks it up and installs it etc and can then see and use it

    Have only tried on 32 bit systems though. No bios updates for ya laptop ?

    If not then maybe swap the motherboard or re image in ahci mode ?

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