Hello Edugeekers,

Problem with the above printer all started when the printer needed a replacement fuser unit. We ordered one of these costing well over £100. Once I installed this, the print quality became spot on but there was a horrible crunching noise which made us worry that the fuser was faulty. After researching further, it is common that the cogs/gears need replacing at the same time as the fuser, so I replaced the cogs/gears which we purchased from a maintanence kit that can be ordered direct from HP and third parties. Once the gears/cogs were installed - the machine ran beautifully and as silently as it should for approx. 1 day. The crunching noises started again, but the print quality remained fine, even though we didn't use it due to the crunching noises. I took the printer back apart, put it back together, and I am 100% confident that everything went back where it was supposed to. We now have a message on the display saying - 13.20.00 Jam inside rear bin. There is nothing inside the rear bin, but the fan isn't starting, nothing is turning, any suggestions anybody?

I would be most grateful for any help/advice.