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Hardware Thread, Help with laptop choice! in Technical; We have 65 Lenovo's and aside from some complaints about track pads requiring a learning curve and taking some getting ...
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    We have 65 Lenovo's and aside from some complaints about track pads requiring a learning curve and taking some getting used to they have performed flawlessly. 25 were ordered in July and 40 in January. Loved the fact they shipped with Windows 7 and had an upgrade to Windows 8. User love the machines, but trackpads can be troublesome for users.

    Personally I am having some concerns over the build quality of new Dell's. The 390 and 790 desktops have not impressed me and I have had a number of issues with power supplies and motherboards (at least 10 since September). We are a 100% Dell school until we started having problems, and now we are moving rapidly toward Lenovo.

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    Thinkpad E530 just seem solid, we have quite a few of them here. Keys can't be picked off for a start, nice solid case/chassis.

    Although we have just ordered some of these (purely for cost, not same keyboard/build/quality as Lenovo though)


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    You can't go wrong with any of them to be honest but my personal favourite is Toshiba

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    Quote Originally Posted by rednight View Post
    Thanks for your comments. My main priority is to buy something that is going to last us at least three years without suffering from bits dropping off, battery nightmares (such as I have experienced in the past with some Dells) and general decline.
    This is all down to the users, you could buy any of them, they'll all work fine and all serve the purpose you require, how ever if you have a teacher who likes to check things around, take it home, lets the kids on it then it will suffer more damager, another teacher might keep it plugged in 24/7 therefore you'll suffer battery problems.

    As long as your staff are aware of proper laptop care then you don't really need to worry about which model, you're probably over thinking it a little. The teachers will be happy as they have shiny new laptops.

    The only answers you'll get on here are peoples personal opinions based on which brands people have used before, some people will love dells some people will have had nothing but problems with dells, and so on, if you really can't decide just go for the most cost effective option and send me some money, our nicest laptops are 7 years old, our PC's are older than that and are maxed at 2GB RAM running with IDE Hard Drives in, cases and components so obscure that any hardware failure is a death sentence and they weigh more than the moon.


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