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Hardware Thread, Antec Cases in Technical; I've bought 18 Antec Minuet II cases a couple of years ago as they looked nice (big mistake). 5 of ...
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    Antec Cases

    I've bought 18 Antec Minuet II cases a couple of years ago as they looked nice (big mistake). 5 of these now have started having problems with the PSU in the last few months. The won't boot up but they will try, spinning the fan for a few seconds then dying, then they do it again.

    PSU tester shows all connectors are okay and getting the right voltage and it doesn't work on a different motherboard or a different case.

    Pain in the behind as a replacement PSU is only a couple of quid less than a new case and the warranty people are less than helpful.

    Anyone else had issues with Antec PSUs? I am fickle and won't be touching them with a bargepole from now on.

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    Re: Antec Cases

    No, but I am now having similar problems with my 4 year old Elonex boxes. The only route, for me, is to replace the box and make sure that the PSU is one that is easily available. Pain in the backside I know.

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    Re: Antec Cases

    Only had one Antec PSU fail on me so far and that one went rather spectacularly because the individual who reported it spent days forcing it to try rebooting and blowing the protection system before blowing their HD and PSU..

    Beyond that haven't had any problems.

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