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Hardware Thread, Toshiba L850 wireless in Technical; We have a batch of L850 laptops which we seem to be having a small issue with. The Fn-F12 keystroke ...
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    Toshiba L850 wireless

    We have a batch of L850 laptops which we seem to be having a small issue with. The Fn-F12 keystroke to enable and disable the wireless is only affecting the bluetooth, and not the Wi-Fi.

    We've tried re-installing all drivers, vap etc but are still unabel to turn wi-fi on and off.

    Has anyone else got these machines, and if so how do they do it?


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    hi, bought same toshiba l850 same issue with the wireless, when i install vap and press fn key the function keys don't relate to what is on the keyboard i.e. it thinks wireless is f8 and thats the fast forward button, and wireless is actually f12, have installed windows enterprise 32 bit and there is also one unknown driver refering to the bluetooth acpi driver and when i install this it says not intended for this platform yet on the factory install recovery this feature is installed, did you ever get this matter resolved, help is urgently required???? as when i click on the wireless it says no wireless connections are available even though the driver has seem to of initialised ?

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    Have you looked in the BIOS for a wireless option ?

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