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Hardware Thread, UPS for LED TV in Technical; Hi everyone, I bought a Samsung 32 inch EH5300 Smart LED Tv. The place where I live, I experience a ...
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    UPS for LED TV

    Hi everyone,

    I bought a Samsung 32 inch EH5300 Smart LED Tv. The place where I live, I experience a lot of unexpected power failures and power fluctuations. So I thought of buying a UPS. My doubts/questions are as follows.

    1. Can I use the normal computer UPS for tv?
    2. Does the UPS act like a stabilizer(eg: support on high and low voltage and provide a stable power output to the tv)?
    3.Does the UPS output waveform affect the tv internals ?
    4. When I have power supply working fine does the the current go direct or through from the battery to the tv?
    5. Is there a option like. there are 4 sockets in UPS, if I connect on one socket the power comes from battery and in another the power comes direct?

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    I use a normal UPS for most of my home devices I haven't yet found one that complains. You can get UPSes that provide a sinusoidal wave output but I'd not worry about it.

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    2. A good UPS will provide under- or over-voltage protection.

    4. Most UPS units will actively switch from mains to battery when the mains goes off, rather than continually passing current via the battery.

    5. Yes, some UPS units will have sockets that are always direct to mains and do not have battery backup. I have a Belkin one like this at home that has 4 sockets with battery backup and 4 without. The non-backed up sockets are usually still surge protected.
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