We're looking at re-arranging the music rooms here as they're a usability nightmare at the moment.

We want to mount the monitors onto the wall, ideally with a cantilever mount so girls can pull the monitor forward or push it back when it's not needed. There's dozens to choose from on Amazon, with no way of telling them apart, so thought I'd canvass opinion on here.

I'd like to mount the arm vertically, as it will make it easier to move the monitor without catching on the music keyboards or piles of rubbish that inevitably gather on benching. Can anyone recommend a mount with a strong enough joint to hold the monitor forward without it slowly drooping down like a wilting daffodil? The monitors are only 19" widescreen jobbies so not much weight to them, but I don't want to order 25-odd mounts and them not be able to do the job in the way I want.

Cheers in advance!