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Hardware Thread, Recovering Data from a Dead Micro SD Card in Technical; Although his post looks like spam (especially due to the location), I have had a teacher recover a personal SD ...
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    Although his post looks like spam (especially due to the location), I have had a teacher recover a personal SD card by using recoverfab.com.

    The card was well untruly dead in the water, nothing could see it, it had some very personal memories on it and he was willing to pay the prices they ask. Recoverfab.com sent him a selection of photos then he paid to get them all and was over the moon because he thought he had lost them forever. His card broke while on holiday (2nd to last day) so he had no way of backing them up from his camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsiegee40 View Post
    Can you report suspect posts rather than comment please. We see reports and can investigate, but don't always notice comments
    Even if they are 6-7 months old?

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    Yes pleaee. It's better to get them killed off and reported to stopforumspam so that they are disabled permanently from soamking other forums and not just this one.

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    I couldn't report on my phone last night, and I didn't do the necromancy, someone else did (appears the comment has gone)

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    Glad i found this thread.... As the chap above mentioned I would also recommend using Recoverfab for this sort of thing - I thought I'd lost about 1,000 photos from some days out, a birthday and a holiday as when i went to transfer my photos from camera to computer my SD card also appeared to be dead.

    I did try a couple of data recovery programs, but as the card was unrecognized by the PC that was useless, and a local computer technician said he won't be able to help and that the data was lost. After more internet searching i see a lot of people mentioning Recoverfab, including here, and getting successful results from problems similar to mine, so i gave them a look.

    Everything they do is clear on their website, including pricing, and the fact that if no data is recovered then there is no charge, so i thought it was worth a try to see if anything could be recovered. To my joy not long after them receiving my dead card, i had an email saying my photos were there, and could be downloaded once the payment had been done. Delighted and surprised Hoping i never need to, but would happily use them again!

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