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Hardware Thread, HP 620 Battery Issue in Technical; Originally Posted by darrenmcginnis Isn't the Probook double the price? But it lasts three times as long so it's actually ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenmcginnis View Post
    Isn't the Probook double the price?
    But it lasts three times as long so it's actually cheaper, especially if you have the right suppliers who bring the cost down to about the same as the consumer grade stuff anyway.

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    lenovos are generally nice but the last lot i gave out in a schoolthe teachers hated as the trackpads are dire and youcant even turn them off in device manager so when typing the mouse pointer gets moved occasionally

    and just for a laugh this morning a hp620 that the battery clip has broken on so the battery wont stay in place so it cant charge selotaped it in lol

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    I've got a 620 that randomly blocky pixellates the screen so it looks like you're using a Sinclair Spectrum. HP are puzzled and reinstalls and firmware updates haven't solved it yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SYNACK View Post
    You could buy lenovo or just buy the probook or elite book range of HP instead of the consumer grade disposable ice cream container series.
    Agree it was probably a false economy, but they are marketed as business machines.

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