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Hardware Thread, Laptop backlight / invertor problem. in Technical; I know now is not a good time to be asking a question in a rush, but any help I ...
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    Laptop backlight / invertor problem.

    I know now is not a good time to be asking a question in a rush, but any help I can get would be ace and eduJD can be provided in return...! :P

    I've been looking at a HP Pavilion dv5000 laptop for a friend that has a knackered screen - the backlight sparks up for a fraction of a second as you turn the laptop on, then goes off leaving the expected incredibly-difficult-to-see image on the display. This behaviour and can only be repeated by completely turning the whole thing off and back on again.

    I know this will be either the backlight in the panel, or the inverter board below it (which doesn't look burnt out or anything). Is there anything I can check or test to confirm which part is actually at fault?

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    well without a second laptop no.

    I'd risk £9 on a new inverter from ebay. if it doesn't fix it a new panel is £70 and probably not worth it.

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