I have been asked to have a look at a HP Pavilion G4 by a friend who says that when they are using Skype the internal microphone isn't working, the computer runs Windows 7.

When we have had a look at it no matter how much encouragement with words you give it, it just won't pick up any sound. The drivers have been un-installed and reinstalled, updated, you name it we've tried it with the drivers. Looking through the HP Device Support Programme it says everything is OK and is working correctly. We have used other programmes to test to see if it is just Skype and nothing else picks up sound through the mic either.

We have tried an external microphone which works fine and is clear and responsive.

Going through the sound section in the control panel the sound isn't muted and both the volume and the signal boost are on and at full levels. The volume meter does respond to lightly tapping the bezel around the microphone but doesn't pick up speech or sound.

Thanks in advance for any ideas and help and Merry Christmas.