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Hardware Thread, Video over IP CCTV system? Thoughts / Recommendations? in Technical; We're using Brickcom CB100's with iSpy. Cheap yet astonishingly good quality....
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    We're using Brickcom CB100's with iSpy. Cheap yet astonishingly good quality.

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    We use Avigilon Cameras and the Avigilon software - lots of cameras, no perfomance issues and great quality - we have just bought a couple of their 2MP HD Domes...

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    Lots of votes for Milestone but others worth considering are Exacq (schools we work with often choose this over Milestone when demonstrated side by side) just as reliable but nice interface for the end users (not just the IT person) with easy tour setting and nice map overlay. Mirasys also worth a look. Both of these are pretty bombproof.

    Axis cameras are ok but personally I think there are better cameras out there for the money. Especially low light situations. I've installed loads of Axis cameras and it's a safe choice (particularly if you are going to carry out the work in house) but you can achieve some spectacular shots with the right settings on some lower cost cameras.

    I've just installed 20 x 2mp (or above) HD cameras at a school in North London and the Axis cameras didn't come close in any of the side by side tests during the day and the nightime shots were terrible.

    We actually ended up installing three different manufacturers at this site because each of the shots had different requirements. Sadly one camera type cannot cover all situations.

    Good luck with it.
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