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Hardware Thread, Recommend me a server in Technical; I'm planning to install a new server in the new year and wanted to run the specs by you first ...
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    Recommend me a server

    I'm planning to install a new server in the new year and wanted to run the specs by you first in case I've got something wrong as I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to virtual servers having only done it once before.

    The server is for a smallish primary school it has 90 curriculum machines, 10 admin machines (of which 3 run Sims). On site Exchange server running 2003 but will move to 2010 or 2013 when the time comes.

    The current server runs everything. AD,DNS,DHCP, print server, file server, Exchange and Sims. On the new server I would like to virtualise as much as possible even the DC if that would work, so what I'm thinking is:

    The physical server will be running Server 2012
    Virtual server for AD
    Virtual server for Exchange
    Virtual server for Sims
    Virtual server for print server

    I'm planning to use raid 1 for the physical server and raid 5 for everything else. How would you manage the partitions on the physical server for the above?

    I'm not sure what to use for the file server. I’ve got around 50GB of user data so I could put that on the physical server or would it be best to use one of the above virtual servers?

    The specs for the server are:

    Dell power edge T610, 1 X Intel E5-2640 2.5Ghz, 32 GB memory, raid 1/5, perc H710 controller, 2 X 146GB SAS 2.5in 15k rpm for O/S in raid 1, 6 X 600GB SAS 3.5in 15k rpm for data in raid 5, redundant psu.

    Do you think that is overkill? It looks a lot now I look at it again

    Edit: I need to put a wsus server in there somewhere!
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