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Hardware Thread, Microsoft - hardware in Technical; Worrying perhaps BBC News - Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has plans for more hardware or could it be a good thing?...
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    Microsoft - hardware

    Worrying perhaps BBC News - Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has plans for more hardware or could it be a good thing?

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    I've heard a few reports of late that MS are going down the Apple route of designing their own hardware+software integrated solutions. That along with merging Windows Phone OS with the core Windows OS. Shows how successful Apple have been under Jobs tenure that MS want to copy it's business model. Not sure it's the right approach for MS or where that would leave OEM's in the future? (thinking really long term).

    In some ways it could be good for a market that, until recently with the advent of tablets, had actually become quiet stagnant with the Windows monopoly. We seem to be moving away from traditional desktop PC's and the core OS on a device seems to matter less now as more open file formats have appeared and the Internet with cloud computer is dominating more. Maybe MS don't think they can compete against Apple and Google in this new world under the software/OEM model?

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