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Hardware Thread, PAT test laptops in Technical; Hello all Just wondering if you PAT staff issued laptops every year. Once we issue laptops here we hardly see ...
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    PAT test laptops

    Hello all
    Just wondering if you PAT staff issued laptops every year.
    Once we issue laptops here we hardly see them again till the staff member leaves!

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    Technically you cant pat test a laptop - just the supply but depends on what your RA says - i normally say 6 months for laptop supplies due to the drequency of movement and likely hood of damage etc.

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    1st thing you should do is tell SLT that staff have a duty under H&S to inspect visually their supply and it's mains cord weekly for defects and to stop using it as soon as any defect is found. Failure to do so is a breach of H&S and probably their contract of employment.

    2nd expect no 1 not to happen.

    3rd, as pointed out the laptop is not subject to PAT as it's a low voltage device. So it is just the PSU.

    (Next is a guideline if no one else has laid down the law, but it's a guide not a MUST or should)
    4th. Generate a list of all the supplies, get them through your pat test and serailise them so you know what's what. Then schedule staff on a 3 month basis to bring it in for a visual inspection, and 24 monthly full test. Inform staff that they should be doing their own visual inspection, and feed back any info on obviously dangerous incidents to you H&S team.


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