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Hardware Thread, Laptop Dead??? in Technical; Right i have just rebuilt a laptop and then i went to install some software but norton was having a ...
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    Laptop Dead???

    Right i have just rebuilt a laptop and then i went to install some software but norton was having a funny with the software so i went in to the startup and stopped norton from running on startup, restarted the machine and now when i press the on button all i get is the intel thing come up saying press f2 to enter sytem setup. I have tried pressing f2 and nothing happens. I have even tried removing hdd and ram from laptop and turning on with no different result, do laptops do the same thing as desktops when no ram in it - beep like crazy saying there is no ram.

    Just want to know so i can let them know and they need to buy a new one!


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    Re: Laptop Dead???

    looks like its had its day

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    Re: Laptop Dead???

    What brand is it?

    Does the F2 button rely on some kind of a utility/restore partition that you've inadvertantly killed off that might have been needed to finish POST tests or something daft like that?

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