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Hardware Thread, Laptop Suggestions for a pupil that will throw it around... in Technical; Originally Posted by mrb-solutions Now I know that you will say don't buy him one, we are not the authority ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrb-solutions View Post
    Now I know that you will say don't buy him one, we are not the authority is and have asked us to find one that will cope with being thrown around. The mention of militarty versions ha,

    anyone have any suggestions?
    In all seriousness though, If the authority is buying it, wouldn't it be better to let them pick one? Not trying to pass the buck, but no matter what you choose, it "can" be broken if the kid is being that violent with it, and I'd hate to be the person who suggested an indestructable item that got broke at those prices.

    All these toughbooks are more designed from the outside in terms of protection. Sure dropping it, or spilling water etc on it may not destroy it. But a kid trying to break it... well yeah

    Random youtube example:

    As you can see, after only a few minutes (1:40~ if you want to skip video) of it being dropped on concrete, it's broke. Without any real effort, or even throwing it. It's sure a lot tougher than most laptops, but no way "safe"

    But just my thoughts,

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    We have some Stone netbooks based around the Intel Classmate chassis. These things are completely rubberised and feel relatively sturdy. Stick an SSD in there and I think they'd cope OK with being thrown around.

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    I'd take a look at the new Classmate 2S product - an updated version of the Fizzbook. New improved spec (Atom N2600 dual core, 2GB RAM and an all day battery) for what looks to be a lower price (quoted £359 for a Win 7 Pro unit)

    It's got HDD inside but it's sw-protected, SSD only provides limited space for the money and if they protect it there seems to be no need to compromise space?

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