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Hardware Thread, Arduino UNO Network Driver install...? in Technical; Hello - our IT department have recently got some Arduino UNO boards and would like to use them. The only ...
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    Arduino UNO Network Driver install...?

    Hello - our IT department have recently got some Arduino UNO boards and would like to use them. The only issue is that the drivers don't have any proper installer, it'#s plug the board it with USB, watch Windows try and fail to find drivers, devices > update drivers > locate drivers > install drivers and then set the com port. The programming application can be ran over the network (or so it seems) so that's not likely to be a major issue, however I would really prefer to avoid repeating to process on 60-odd desktops. Are there any third-party driver installers, or can I copy the driver file to the machine's local disk in C:\Windows\System32 and hope that Windows finds the driver?


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    If the drivers are digitally signed, you can put them in a folder on the PC and then add that folder to the DevicePath value in the Registry under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion. You can probably even make an MSI to copy the files and set the registry key. Just take great care not to remove any of the other folder entries in the DevicePath key. At the very least there should already be %systemroot%\INF value which must never be removed.

    However, if the drivers aren't signed, they will still only auto install for administrators unless you set up the policies to allow non-admins to install unsigned drivers.

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