I have a bit of an issue with 1 users computer connecting to the school wireless system from his PC. I am using a WMS7316 the WNDAP350 units. 2 desktops with an IP within 15 feet of them. 1 of them is connecting at around 100+ MBPS and the other one is at 11. Identical machines, identical Access points and adapters and imaged Windows 7 PC's.

The onlt thing I can think of is that the one I am having issues with is jumping across to the other access point and not getting a decent speed although it does say its getting full bars.

Its very confusing, i started having a play with the channels to see if that helps but it hasn't as of yet. the user is saying its taking 20 minutes to load his profile.

Can anyone offer advise? (please don't say throw out the kit)