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Hardware Thread, auditing hardware condition in Technical; what about error/problem auditing? if staff all move classes each year there may be unreported problems eg problems with speakers, ...
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    auditing hardware condition

    what about error/problem auditing? if staff all move classes each year there may be unreported problems eg problems with speakers, printers & mice etc, cd drive problems also user problems, problems on users computers they dont know they have, software problems, This sort of stuff seems to demand going round to every pc at intervals and testing it.luckily have a smallish network. Users may not notice or report problems as I have said. Especially with multiple staff-use pcs- it's no ones responsibility. So does anyone do this- go round and run programs, check mouse, etc. cameras may have been dropped,video cams may have lost leads.Do you use a check sheet - what headings?

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    Re: auditing hardware condition

    If they dont know about a problem then its not a problem

    We dont really have anything. We have such a huge network it is impossible to go round checking everything. We check main IT rooms ourselves, and rely on departmental technicians to tell us about problems with their equipment. Normally works quite well

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    Re: auditing hardware condition

    Nope, we don't do this - there is too much to do without doing this as it is. Staff simply have to report problems to me.

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    Re: auditing hardware condition

    We check the main IT rooms (6 rooms of 30 machines) plus the library (another 20 or so). But only for vandalism.

    Everything else needs to be reported to us if staff expect it to be fixed.

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