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Hardware Thread, Lifebook S6410 Keyboard/Mouse doesn't work with Windows 7 in Technical; Got a strange one that really has me scratching my head.... Been handed a Fujitsu Lifebook S6410 by my neighbour ...
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    Lifebook S6410 Keyboard/Mouse doesn't work with Windows 7

    Got a strange one that really has me scratching my head....

    Been handed a Fujitsu Lifebook S6410 by my neighbour as he's having trouble getting it working; been handed down to him from his workplace. The keyboard and mousepad just do not work under Windows 7. They work in the BIOS setup, but as it gets to 'Starting Windows' the numlock, caps lock lights just go out and the keyboard and mouse are dead. They are showing installed under Device Manager but just refusing to work. I've tried various combinations of disabling devices in BIOS and other tweaks but still no joy.

    First I thought it was that it didn't like 64Bit Windows 7 as that what he tried putting on it. Although Windows 7 drivers are listed on the Fujitsu site, no particular mention of 64Bit, so I dug out the 32bit version but the setup goes as far as the 'Select Regional Settings' screen and once again the keyboard and mouse have crapped out again.

    Apparently under Windows XP it worked fine.

    An external USB Keyboard and Mouse work fine, just not the built in devices.

    I've tried updating the BIOS, still no joy. Uninstalling the keyboard and mouse driver under windows 7, but still no luck.

    Really has got me scratching my head this, and I don't like admitting defeat.

    Anybody got any ideas?



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    Hi Pete,

    I believe this laptop came shipped with Vista at some point so should be compatible with 7 on the drivers side. The first thing I would try is installing all the windows updates. If you are still using 64bit and are unable to use the inbuilt mouse and keyboard after that, I'm pretty certain there is a way to disable the signed driver requirement on Windows 7 as it may be that 7 is blocking drivers meant for 32 bit and/or that aren't signed.

    I hope this helps, but if not let me know and I'll look into it further.

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