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Hardware Thread, BT Versatility Voice module in Technical; I have just bought a second hand BT Versatility system. It had 2 x ISDN modules and 2 x V8 ...
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    BT Versatility Voice module

    I have just bought a second hand BT Versatility system. It had 2 x ISDN modules and 2 x V8 feature phones. I have swapped out the ISDN modules for a single PTSN analogue module. As I also wanted the voicemail and auto-attendant functionality so I have bought a 2 port voice module.

    I have successfully installed the system on my Virgin media home analogue line and am able to dial out and receive calls. However the advanced functions I need for my business that made me buy the system are still not working:

    i) voicemail - when I press the message button and 'voicemail' I get an 'INVALID' message - the system doesn't seem to recognise the voice module. Do I need to initialise the module somehow? I can see all of the options for voicemail in the Versatility wizard software but changes to parameters such as 'Voice Boxes' in 'Non ISDN features' always default to off having having ticked them.

    ii) caller ID does not seem to work - ie. I can't see any incoming call details when I do a test call from my mobile.

    iii) Auto-attendant - same as voicemail, despite my attempts to change parameters in the wizard software I am unable to activate this function.

    iv) missed calls - I can't see a list of missed calls - is this available?

    v) divert - Do I need another physical line to divert calls to my mobile? I didn't think about this when I bought the system but it would seem that another line would be necessary to divert - is this right?

    The V8 phones come up with the following software information on initialisation - BT 1.07 revision 513. Do I need to update this firmware? My release of Versatility wizard is only the customer version - can anyone supply me with the engineer version and the latest firmware? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hi... with that level of software in the Versatility, which is quite old, you need a voicemail card with the following marker. There is a letter after LR number at the end. This needs to be 'D' in order to work. If you can't get that then you'd need to upgrade the motherboard.

    TDS Telecom

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