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Group Project Thread, Competitive Gaming League in Coding and Web Development; Hello, I want to know if there are any schools out there that run a inter-school Gaming competition. And if ...
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    Post Competitive Gaming League


    I want to know if there are any schools out there that run a inter-school Gaming competition. And if anyone here has had any experience in running one if they could give me some pointers in how to run it.
    In our local aria we have a group called GIS (gippsland independent schools) where 16 of the local schools compete against each other in sports before moving on to other zones. i would like to run a similar system were i can have multiple schools enrol teams of 5 - 10 to meet at a conmen venue with BYO pc's (student owned.)

    Equipment is no issue as I own enough to run gaming lans but running it in association with schools i understand that things need to run different in terms of duty of care, working with children checks, public liability, etc...

    Other schools have expressed interest in the idea but no one has been involved in a program like this so i am asking you guys and girls what you think of the idea links and contacts are much appreciated.

    Toxic (AKA Lee ITS StPauls AGS)

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    My brother used to be one of the game moderators for CPL (Cyberathelete Professional League) in 2004/2005 in his off time and was able to "Ref" events in London and Sheffield (CPL UK Qualifier 2004, and CPL World Tour 2005: UK).

    He did it unpaid but gained enough experience to know what needed to be done and let me know what to do if I wanted to run my own.

    You will need to run some form of Anti Cheat system - Punkbuster is pretty standard nowadays for online gaming, along with VALVE if using steam games.

    What you will need in terms of hardware and space

    DOUBLE the space required for entrants - some people have 2-3 monitors which will require the additional space.
    Public liability insurance that will cover upto $10mil give or take. Reason why, a PC blowing up can cost $5k to replace, but an electric shock can kill/disable a person and the cost for medical care etc can run into the millions.
    Police checks on ALL adults that intend to be there. I believe the Australian Police can run their equivalent of a CRB for around $60 or so.
    Signed declarations from parents/guardians of anyone under the age of 18/21 (depending on state law)hat
    Enough people to monitor each machine symultaniously to ensure no cheats are running (anti cheat systems can be beaten so its best to also have a human checking at the same time).

    That should cover you for the basics of it all. I hope that helps

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    We have just set up a Minecraft server for our students to administer the server as well - anyone is welcome minecraft.nac.nsw.edu.au is the address.

    We would be interested in a Halo comp
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    Although true for a big tournament, I don't think you need to be on the same wave as the CPL - or anywhere close. Firstly I would work out how many people you can accommodate in the hall or area you want to host this, and work on a Terms and Conditions document to cover yourself and outline the responsibilities of others.

    Use Multiplay - Terms & Conditions as a reference, notably:

    "9. Supervision of Children
    Multiplay is concerned about the well being and privacy of all its users, particularly children. For this reason, parents who wish to allow their children access to the Service should supervise their access to the Service at all times."

    I could paste snippets all day that relate to any type of public LAN event, a lot of that document is extremely relevant to your proposal.

    Pay close attention to "5. Your Conduct" - you need to outline that YOU are not responsible for, and will take action against those who share illegal material, harm others, collect personal data about other users, and so on.
    It is also advised that you monitor network traffic for any file sharing. If you wanted to host this event for free, I would consider a 'down payment' that is not refundable if a user is seen to be breaking conduct and is asked to leave the premises.

    It sounds a bit overwhelming, but it would be better to cover all basis and keep yourself safe.

    Also: 1 monitor per user, if a chargeable event then charge 2 places if bringing another device (XBOX, etc). Speakers should not be permitted (on monitor or otherwise) as this will cause a headache.

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