I've created a web monitoring program which sends the request to the server, then looks at the received content and bans the page depending on the 'black/white list' you have set up. It's at a very basic stage at the moment.

Basic as in it'll work, but still some 'glitches'. Not tested it on a server (however I can't see why it wouldn't work), but ran on local machines at start up.

So for example if you ban the word youtube, they manage to find a proxy to get onto. Then using the proxy try to get onto youtube it'll ban the site because of the html in the site. The black/white words work on a point value and in different categories. So for example you would have a porn, game, messenger etc groups. If you have a word in the game group like 'miniclip' to a value of 25. The page would have to mention miniclip 4 times to ban the site (counts up to 100). If the value reaches 100 for the white list, then it'll allow the page to show. But if the word comes up to 75, and a word in the messenger section comes up to 50. This page will still show as it's in two different categories.

Would anyone be interested in this type of product?! Trailing/test/improving?!

The browser settings would be set to the localhost, which then 'talks' to your server.

Hope this makes sense,

What's your thought on this type of product?