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Group Project Thread, Access 2003 in Coding and Web Development; How do i enable my access database to have multi users being able to use it at the same time ...
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    Access 2003

    How do i enable my access database to have multi users being able to use it at the same time without it being locked.

    As I have a database that a few people might be updating at the same time.

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    I think you just need to add in account support by going to Tools -> Security -> User level security wizard

    Users wont be able to modify the same value at the same time but it should allow multiple access.

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    Split the database to have a seperate data file and a front end. Multiple users can access the database at the same time.

    Tools>database utilities>Database splitter.

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    You should only not be able to get in if another user has the database open in exclusive mode (for changing forms, etc). In normal operation, access performs row-level locking, ie locks the actual row that you're changing, so that another user doesn't change the same data. Other rows and datasets are open to other users, regardless of user security levels, split databases, etc. That's the whole point of Jet.

    Exclusive mode is an option in the Open dialog. Normally it's non-exclusive.

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