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Green Computing Thread, Papercut Scripts in Technical; I don't know if anyone uses papercut but we have been using it for a little while and I have ...
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    Papercut Scripts

    I don't know if anyone uses papercut but we have been using it for a little while and I have just discovered one of the best things in the world in the programme Scripting. This has done 2 things 1 means I dont have to have printer for staff and printer for pupils and staff can control pupils printing without having to give any sort of printer admin.

    you can use this and change groups no. of pages etc if you need to. Also there is a hyper-link in the student mesage box so that teachers can click on it to get to the release console but atm it does not work but have been informed that hyperlinks will work with next version 11.5. A very nice peace of software.
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    I'll have a play with that. Thank you

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