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Graphics Requests Thread, How do I... transparent backgrounds in EduGeek Graphics; I expect this is an old question and I realise it will vary somewhat from one sw package to the ...
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    How do I... transparent backgrounds

    I expect this is an old question and I realise it will vary somewhat from one sw package to the next.

    Can anyone give me a brief explanation of how I would take an image with a colured (lets say white) background and remove the white background/make it transparent so that if I add it to a webpage or a document with any colour backing the image takes on that coulour background.

    If it makes a difference I have Paint .net and/or PsP 8.


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    I've not looked at this but hopefully it will help.

    YouTube - Removing background in Paint .NET

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    Transparency depends on the file format you use more than the software.

    The original format for transparent backgrounds was GIF but more recently PNG has become more common.

    GIF has the advantage that more browsers support it's version of transparency.

    PNG is supported by more recent browsers.

    With both formats you need to be aware that to achieve a smooth effect around curved areas you will need to specify a matte colour that matches or closely matches the background colour to avoid having a halo around the image.

    If you look in the help for the software for "transparent background" you should find application specific info.

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