EduGeek Regular, SYSMAN_MK, has been at it again ... this time with Joomla.

Well after lots of tweaking and testing by members of this forum I am pleased to release the Edugeek Joomla Package.

For those that don’t know this is a pre configured Joomla website specifically created with schools in mind. Installed with some great add-ons and pre configured content and menu structure. All the keen webmaster needs to do is to edit the content so that it is relevant to their school and you’re good to go. No time wasted having to create menus, categories etc.

Also included is a specially made template to make best use of the add-ons provided. It has a clean web 2.0 look and comes in 4 different colours so should suite most schools. It also includes some great Typography options. The blank header images are also included.

View the demo site

View the user guide

Download available at

Thanks again to all the members who helped in testing this, and I hope you find it useful.
The thread discussing this can be found at