As per this thread..


Sorry for not posting last night was very busy with little one and then fell a sleep

Anyway, first are some excuse. As people may have been aware the admins have been bit quiet on here of late for various reasons.

Tony, Ric and myself have understanding heads, who let us work on stuff like EduGeek as long as school comes first etc. In that respect our school workloads for all three of us has increased in major way. Then we have our leader, DB. As most of you know the history behind it all, it means his time is limited to evenings and with family as well it is not easy for him to find time.

Going on to evenings, my time has decreased with a 3 month old who has taken lot of time up. On the same note both Tony and Ric have real life stuff going on.

Also after BETT all 4 of us suffered a bit of burn out and while it may seem on surface that we sit around and do nothing (we do not honest! ). Due to our ever increasing profile, people have been asking for comments, views and to attending meetings.

We are very aware we need to make sure the membership, as in you people, get involved in it more and this is one of things I am going to look at.

On that note onto version 2 of the site, yes, my fault. Real life and work took over and with no end in site for that, I would like to announce we have appointed Alex Kitching aka Irazmus to be the lead web developer for EduGeek and he will over see version 2.0 of the site. I emailed the specs so far of version 2.0 of the site to him today and at some point he will be posting I am sure on his plan on how to get started with it all.