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General EduGeek News/Announcements Thread, Stocking filler competition results in EduGeek Stuff; Right, 2 days late (sorry) but here we go. In first place with 'Play-doh-cakes' is Richard. There was one evening ...
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    Stocking filler competition results

    Right, 2 days late (sorry) but here we go.

    In first place with 'Play-doh-cakes' is Richard.

    There was one evening when I was phoned at home by a Deputy Head who wanted me to come into school to fix his laptop as it was needed for parents evening. I was in the middle of telling him that it would take me about an hour to get in to work when my daughter who was 3 at the time garbbed the phone and proceeded to tell him that "her daddy was busy making Play-doh cakes" with her and then cut off the call. Smile
    Arnt kids great eh? For that you win this
    . A Belkin Tunecast II FM transmitter for your car.

    Second goes to John for NSM re-set.

    Ive hit the restart button on NSM before now when I had an entire IT room selected, whoops! I was sure NSM was supposed to not restart them if someone was logged in but it seems it did Very Happy Oh well it was only a load of A level coursework that went missing, I blame the anti-virus software Very Happy Thanks Sophos you are ace
    I've done this and the havoc that ensues is quite total. For your clumsiness you win this
    . A 1GB Corsair USB pen drive.

    Third is Markcuk with 'Turning off the SLT\admin staff internet'

    My favourite is when the office staff or slt get on my nerves i like to turn off there internet off for a while!!
    i just unplug the cat5 running from the fibre convetor and SMILE

    also in the days when we had windows 95 used to blue screen the staff we didnt like (send a command c:\con\con using ranger) and hello blue screen of death.
    Bad behaviour shouldn't be encouraged, but some times some people just deserve it! or this you win this
    , a MoPod

    And last, but not least the booby prize goes to LinuxGirlies 'broadcast storm' .

    Not me so cheating a little. A 6th form student (one of my very good and very trusted techies) decided to show us how great the HP pro curves we had just replaced with netgears....they costs loads so they are way better he said... watch this....
    So he took the pro curve plug a cable into it from the network and said watch this:
    So he got one end of an network cable and pluged it in...no we said...its fine he said, its a procurve they are expense, they stop stuff like this....so he plugged the other end in...

    Phew we thought.......... until 30 seconds later the system monitoring went off, and another 30 seconds the phone was ringing none stop...

    So, lesson learned,...loop backs are bad, unless you have STP turned on! and it looks like even expenses ones dont have it on by default........
    Please give these to your naive young technician.

    Well done to everyone who submitted an entry, and I hope we get more people submitting next year.

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    Re: Stocking filler competition results

    i came third yessssssssss

    better than winning the lottery (well maybe not)


    hope you all had a good xmas and wish you all a very happy new year!


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    Re: Stocking filler competition results

    Yay I came second cracking stuff

    Thanks, and I promise not to do it again, well i'll try not to in term time


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    Re: Stocking filler competition results

    I must try harder this year!

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    Re: Stocking filler competition results

    me won first prize

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