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Yes I have already made my trip to Africa.

I hope to go again on the 28th December for 2 weeks.

Let us know how you get on with your trip :-)
It's my first day back in work.

I had a great trip, apart from nearly being drowned and having to wait until the last friday before the network was finally up and running.

It was sad to see that in the secondary school all the laptops I took over were stacked in a cupboard unused to any acceptable degree, that the computer room is still in the state where if the network is switched on the fuses blow so is totally unused. That is about 50 PCs wasted.

The primary has 3 working, pupil PCs and could use more.

On the whole the most satisfyibg trip I have made, mostly due to the contacts I now have. Meaning my work doesn't have to stop now I have returned.