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    Red Nose Day '09 Results

    £250 Raised!

    The results are in, Red Nose Day '09 just announced the total raised which was £57,809,938!
    EduGeek donated a total of £250 which was made up of £60 from edugeek from the max online users peak of 579x10p (we rounded up to £60) and you the users donated an incredible £190!

    We would like to thank you all for your donations and traffic throughout the day that all helped us reach this total. We had a few companies donate and one member donated a very large amount (post a reply here C if you want it to be public, or pm me)

    I will hopefully finish off the donator perks in the next few days and an annoucement will be posted when they are ready with details.

    Thanks all again for supporting Red Nose Day '09 and its not too late to donate now through their website Red Nose Day 2009

  2. Thanks to ZeroHour from:

    stevenlong1985 (16th March 2009)

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