Well here goes after much debate and few things being thrown out of the pram we came to decision.

So first following people all win Technet+ Direct (Online version) subscription

aa0202 : "The 5th horseman of the appocolypse, the
disgrunted IT techie and his noble steed prepare for SIMS upgrades."

Mupppet: Dos_Box suddenly realised that the remark about
being hung like a horse wasn't such a compliment

kgcs - Chris proudly displays his latest addition to his
server farm...

synack - The winning entry in "the largest object to be
pulled out of a disk drive" competition

DJDonBoy: Remember I was telling you about that new
compression algorithm that works on anything...

Then grand prize goes to ICTNUT who gets Technet+ Plus copy of Windows Vista Ultimate with his entry..

ICTNUT : Dos_Box takes edugeek branding to the extreme:
First there was the Edugeek Bag - The Manual Storage Device
Then there was the Edugeek Pen - The Manual Input Device
Then came the Edugeek Horse - The Trojan Removal Device with free Horse_Box

Winners will get a pm later today asking for details from you please reply asap so everybody gets there prize quickly