A follow on from rics post yesterday about newsletter and podcasts

Well first of we have some jobs that need filling at EduGeek.net but unfortunately we cant pay you . But in return for making EduGeek.net a better place you will get a nice logo next to your name indicating you’re a staff member and you will know you are doing something to evolve EduGeek.net site. If interested in any of jobs below in first instance contact pm person who is ‘Leading’ the job.

Site Developer

Needs experience in coding php and modifying cms websites and general needs to live, eat and breathe coding… 

In return you get a handy test site to play with and you get to see your changes and code on edugeek.net site.

Leading: - Russell

International Co-ordinator

Ironic thing people in wales and Scotland are classed as international users when we work with organisations likes SSAT. So to try and get more stuff for cross border members EduGeek.net is looking for someone who job it is to work with organisations and leas in Scotland, Wales and beyond to improve opportunities for our international members.

This job is such varied role that to describe it would take forever you will need to be able to talk and work with people from different organisations see what edugeek.net are doing have ideas on how we can get that work out in places like wales and Scotland and beyond.

Leading: - Tony

Technical Writer

As site has grown so had code and procedures that run this site and yes we have been very bad admins and not kept good documentation. This is where you come in the person who takes on this role will document whole site so we know where we have created custom code to how to upload a podcast. All this documentation will be kept in one central place on a documentation wiki.

Leading: Ric

Podcast Producer

Ok we have someone who is willing to do the podcast but time constraints mean that he has not got time to produce it etc. So we have job for those who want to get involved in podcast but hate sound of there own voice. We need someone to produce the podcast your job will be to gather info for podcast, write a running order, and create show notes. Get this all to person who will record the podcast and then once that person had recorded the audio return it you and you will produce the show add in the music and get it to published version and upload the different versions of the file and notes etc. Your job will also to come up with new ideas for podcast and now things we can do with it.

Leading: - Ric

Event Helper/ Planner * 2.

As our events become more and more popular it takes more to put them on and this means we need more staff to help out not only on the day but also in lead and planning of it.

So might be asking what does job involve well can be anything from finding a speaker to sorting our registrations for an event, to emailing the catering.

To give you an idea of what it takes to put events on the Rochdale conference I suspect between us probably took in excess of 100 hours to put the event on and all on a shoestring.

So with two of those a year, workshops, and now bett our events take a lot of time to put on so few more hands makes world of difference.

There are two openings for this role.

Leading: - Russell

News & Content Writers

We love news on our site but our news editor has been busy of late and needs some help so we want people to write up news stories. We want people to write news stories and not just cope and paste news stories from other websites (mainly as less we can do that better due to copyright). You job is to scour the web and find interesting stories for our members, write them up and post them on the site. Your job will also be to write content for newsletter as well.

Leading: - Ric

Local Staff (one per RBC)

As we move forward and our work expands we need that local knowledge of our members as you will no best person to contact when it comes to an lea, or a rbc and if you don’t know being local you will know who will. So we want to recruit one person for now per RBC (you don’t have to work for RBC just work in area served by RBC) that we can use when we come to arrange stuff locally. If you are interested then pm Tony with the RBC that is local to your area.

Leading: Tony