Ever been frustrated with installation instructions? Ever wondered why you need to install software in a particular order to make it work? Have you ever been perplexed as to why a company would believe that every user has full admin rights to a computer just so that their software would work?

EduGeek.net has taken the software reviews that members have been posting over the last 3 years and decided to go a step further. You too can participate in Beta testing educational software to make sure it is designed to work in your school.

We are looking for members to take part in our first project in conjunction with Serif. Those taking part will receive discounts on selected Serif product for their school as well as 'thank you' gifts. To take part we need to verify that you are employed by a school and have permission to test pre-release software within your school environment. All participants will have to sign non-disclosure agreements. To register your interest please email betatesting@edugeek.net

This is the first of a number of planned product tests over the next 12 months. More details about future opportunities will be made available at the Edugeek.net Conference.

I look forward to you getting in touch. The site admins think that this is a great way to improve all that 'must have' software. At the moment, we must state that participation will be on a 'first come first served' basis and employers' consent is essential. If you have questions, email betatesting@edugeek.net