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General EduGeek News/Announcements Thread, EduGeek Press Release in EduGeek Stuff; EduGeek Press Release EG4S (EduGeek4Schools) is a newly formed co-operative between the leading online community for IT Professionals in Education ...
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    EduGeek Press Release

    EduGeek Press Release

    EG4S (EduGeek4Schools) is a newly formed co-operative between the leading online community for IT Professionals in Education and 2 leading multi-national corporations who have the youth of today at heart. EG4S will be working as consultants for LAs and third parties to provide advice, strategies and assist implementing the architecture that is key to the use of technology in schools by learners, staff and families. Over the next 3 years it is proposed that EG4S will build up funds and staff to deliver at least two BSF bids, aimed at LAs searching for partners in Waves 7 & 8. Proposed models make significant use of existing technical staff and existing equipment to provide sustainable models with the maximum flexibility.

    The companies that have partnered with EduGeek are publicly led by charismatic entrepreneurs who have revolutionised their respective industries, whether it is as an A&R man for a major music company, spawning a myriad of talent shows, or for the leading innovator in the digital music era working on the world domination of the music delivery scene.

    EduGeek staff have been excited about this for some time and are relieved to be able to talk about it now. Mr G Dook, recently attending a meeting with Government officials, commented, "It was such a shock ... a music mogul contacted me out of the blue, confusing me with a Jazz musician. Imagine our surprise when he was still interested in brainwashing the minds of countless kids to buy music from his label ... and he had just the business partner in mind."

    It is hard to imagine that less that three years ago nothing like EduGeek existed. Mr D Box, from his island of Morecambe, gleefully spoke out, "I told them, 'Money isn't everything!' but they just insisted on giving me more. I am more than happy to join forces with one of the top players at world domination. Let's face it ... I wasn't going to join forces with Gatesy ... he is to lame ... and Linus ... too huggy feely!"

    Of course, it is not all plain sailing. A considerable amount of plannig has already taken place, including a few proof of concept scenarios that needed to be tested. We can see EduGeek staff examining facilities such as the new server room in a PFI school, innovatively adapted from its previous use as a broom cupboard. Mr R _ said, "Look at the size of this server room ... it is massive ... we can fit at least 3 technicians in here as well as the servers for all the local schools. We will be using the latest network technology too ... string has come on so far compared to when we used to use it as kids!"

    Of course, we should not forget the efforts that go on behind the scene. Mr Z Hour, from a darkened room somewhere deep below ground at a secret research lab, muttered, "The master ... he says I must code ... but the server, she canna take any more, if we push her any further she's gonna blow, Captain!"

    The use of the latest technologies is key to the success of any implementation, and whilst one of our partners does indeed make the shiniest and coolest kit, we have opted to draft in support from existing links within the community. Mr R Dev, from the shop floor of the computer production line in Abingdon, "I always new that I would get my perfect job, watching the drone convert shapeless lumps of metal with no life, into lumps of metal shaped for torturing the lives of technicians ... bwuhahah ... Bwuhahaha!!! BWUHAHAHAHAA!!!!! ahem ... excuse me ... just need to take the tablets again"

    For more information about future job opportunities please send you CV and a blank sheet of paper, signed at the bottom in blood, to 666, Devil Gate Drive, Demonstown, Hell-Sinki.
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    *Grin* - I don't like April Fools

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    Right up GrumbleDook's street... if it wasn't April Fool's Day this could be true

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    Now not saying anything but who do you think came up with that


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    Now if you had stopped after the first couple of paragraphs, it *could* have almost been believable.
    Flying penguin, anyone?

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