We have had various talks with SST to try and have some kind of partnership so here are some of things that will be happening in next 6 months.

Only problem is that SST remit is england so while for example regional workshop cant be in wales or scotland people in those places can attend as international partnership and if we can make one of regional workshops near wales border that makes it easier for welsh people to attend etc etc you get idea.


Below is post made by tony in staff forum: -

ICT Register want to try for 6 regional workshops between now and the end of May. 3 would ideally be before 1st April.

They will pay for the location, subsistence (food, drink etc) and travelling expenses of speakers / trainers. They can assist with pressure to get people to speak for free or put us in contact with people we want to speak.

They have offered to do the admin, ie the emailing, phoning, fliers, advertising ... as much or as little as we want, remembering that a number of us can only do limited amounts of EduGeek stuff during work hours.

They have and agreement being formed with CLCs to host the workshops and so the hosting may not be an issue in the future ... and as part of the the Conference North (no ... the EduGeek Conference North 2006 ... not the football league) the costs will be covered (to how much I don't know yet) by the ICT Register.

What's the catch?

They need a structure for what the workshops will contain. The need ideas ... and quick.

We have 2 options on the workshops, either all day (4 sessions) or twilights of 2 hours (2 sessions)

They want to make sure that they can link it to Learning and Teaching ... after all that is how they get the funding for this, so a proposed structure is that we tend to look at one area / technology and go from the technical details, the implementation, the further development and then the impact in the classroom (the final session may be run jointly by a techie and a teacher ... this could also give use the leverage to ensure other NMs / techies are released to attend)

As part of this the workshops can be "branded" as EduGeek in association with ICT Register, and we get the backing of the SSAT and their advice if we run into any issues again ...

They don't want to reinvent the wheel and know that should they start up the ICT Register forums in a big way they will not get the traffic or assistance of support staff that EduGeek has.

They talked about tryin to link the 2 sites together ... I said no ... even John Wordsworth, who built the ICT Register site, said not really.

We came up with 2 possible compromises.

They are starting to do RSS feeds ... and if we can add theirs to the various feeds we have then they will be happy ... and when we have feeds running for various things (podcast notes, newsletters, reviews, etc) then they will stick them on the ICT Register site.

The other one involves a change to the site search engines on both sites.
Based around the Google engine if we have a search engine that allows to search the web, the EduGeek Site and / or other specified sites (eg the ICT Register, TechRepublic) it would mean that when someone searchs for a discussion on wireless networking then as well as hits on the EduGeek wite it will bring up hits on the ICT Register site ... giving examples of schools that have already implemented it.

I am in two minds on this. If we do a search engine that has multiple sites to hit other than us and the ICT Register then we are not being linked soley with them ... and not showing any political favouritism ... but if we do have them as the main *alternative* it would mean they would do the same and any schools that search on the ICT Register site will also be redirected to here.

Let me know what people think and I'll look into it.