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General EduGeek News/Announcements Thread, very very urgent: FITS Your Experiences in EduGeek Stuff; I started using fits a couple of years ago, it works really well here. You have to remember that it's ...
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    Re: very very urgent: FITS Your Experiences

    I started using fits a couple of years ago, it works really well here.

    You have to remember that it's a framework not a 'you must do this'.

    So the two main tools I use to track fits are the secondary_fits_assement spreadsheet and the expediture spreadsheet.

    I use IRM, for helpdesk, inventory, and software tracking, we have one of the admin people in the student office to take job requests for us, I also have a wall mounted LCD in the ICT office that shows High priority jobs, just need to add a siren to it.

    Nothing should get done without a request going through this system, no matter how urgent, even if I have to add a job onto the system myself.

    We have all of our software lableled with an inventoty number that corresponds to the record on the invetory system, this make software really easy to check, and has saved hours of time.

    The expenditure spreadsheet is setup to mirror our budget codes that the bursar gives us, then we track our own purchase orders, against our budget and I know instantly how many pennies I have left, this again has saved my butt on occasion e.g. when finance have allocated a £5000 invoice twice against one of my budgets, I can quickly point it out.

    And if you are running a halfway decent support operation you are probably doing at least 50% of fits already anyway, then you can say to manglement during your next appraisal session look this is what I am doing, then pick some easy targets of the fits framework and make it an easy reachable target for next year, (get it raise linked if you can as well :-)

    It works for us, as a framework.



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    Re: very very urgent: FITS Your Experiences

    Our leadership team are positively hostile to it. Then again they are power mad dictators! (aren't all managers! *ducks*))

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