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General Chat Thread, Who's got an Audi A3 MK1? in General; Hi Guys, I have always fancied having a MK1 (96 - 00) Audi A3 and being as I am 19, ...
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    Who's got an Audi A3 MK1?

    Hi Guys,

    I have always fancied having a MK1 (96 - 00) Audi A3 and being as I am 19, if I get one will probably have to get the 1.6 due to insurance.

    Just wondered if anyone has/had one and could give a personal view on what you thought of it, cost to run, mpg etc ...? And would you recommend it. Depending on circumstance I may be able to afford the 1.9 TDI ... but comments on any engine/model would be appreciated.



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    I've got a 1.6l Golf of a similar vintage and according to the trip computer I can get 45-50mpg out of it if I'm careful. Being as the A3 and the Golf are largely identical you can probably expect similar figures.

    Insurance is going to be a killer on it though, especially for a 19 year old. According to Autotrader, a 1.6l A3 is group 10 while my Golf is group 6 and that costs me enough.

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