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General Chat Thread, Monitoring and filtering student internet use - Legal requirement or just advisable? in General; Originally Posted by Gossy In an age of BYOD with their own data links the filtering feels a bit moot. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gossy View Post
    In an age of BYOD with their own data links the filtering feels a bit moot.
    But your not facilitating their access when they have their own data link. Your not providing them with the means to access the internet.


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    Although I agree they may have unfiltered access on their mobiles, my nephew who is a year 8 in september does not. Set down by his mother, I also know a few students who have a similar thing setup.

    I wouldnt presume that every student here has unfiltered access and at the end if they do have it then its down to their parents not the school. Some students here have phones but zero internet access on them.

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    Indeed - certainly not appropriate for younger age groups who you would reasonably expect some parents will have (rightly!) set age appropriate restrictions on their mobiles. I would be interested to know how many in our 16-18 age range have parents still able to exert such control over their internet access - I suspect very few. Then again I could be surprised!

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    Generally mobile nets set the Parental Controls on by default. You have to have them disabled by customer services via proof of age (CC number usually). This is especially true on PAYG, but hit and miss on Contract phones (where it's presumed that if you are old enough to have a contract you can have mostly full interweb access). Obviously there's issues with the implementation, but it's better than nothing.

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    Some good responses here, thanks.

    Just to state we are not considering doing this, it was just interesting that the consultant was thinking this way and I was absolutely sure there was some legal precident like the Act they have in america that specifically governs this, but as far as I can see in the UK there is no such act. I just thought I'd pose the question and see what peoples opinions/thoughts were.

    I can see an arguement for a more relaxed policy, obviously blocking the stuff we defiinitely don't want kids accessing for good reason (goes without saying) but sites that pose no 'risk' as such and are just a distraction such as shopping sites, games, youtube etc. you do have to question whether the focus should be more on educating the students/staff to use the resources properly rather than a technical solution of blocking the sites.

    The Consultants angle was that by blocking large swathes of the internet, you are in a way potentially hampering the students use of technology by dictating to a very fine level what they can and cannot access, blocking potential innovation and potentially good resources in the process and that controlling internet access like this does more harm than good. I can sorta see where he is coming from as well.
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