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Well he has not been reshuffled
Mmmm... I'm not much of a socialist, I think a *lot* of public sector education is a bit of a crock and if I ran the universe it would get a kicking, but I can't see any significant merit, or convincing rationale in anything that Gove's done or presided over with his nauseating friends in Of[sted|qual] to date. The only bit that seems clear, is that schools, state-assets paid for via our taxes are being given away for nowt... and the only credible reason I can think of for hiding how much is being spent on free-schools is because they're costing too much.

That said I wouldn't mind the death of GSCEs and a large axe taken to some of the sillier corners of the pompous, bloated "higher education" sector etc., but this apparently engineered kerfuffle over English is so **fundamentally dishonourable** and to brush aside accountability/responsiblity the way Gove did yesterday.. I just can't think of a word which conveys enough venom.