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General Chat Thread, Right .. now the pupils have gone .. the staff won't be long after .. in General; so let the summer fun commence!! Finally got WPKG- GP working today (whoop) so anything that's not easily done by ...
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    Right .. now the pupils have gone .. the staff won't be long after ..

    so let the summer fun commence!!

    Finally got WPKG-GP working today (whoop) so anything that's not easily done by MSI through GPO can now be targeted too!

    Also managed to get some Acer laptops to image that have been a bugger to actually get booting into WDS never mind anything else ..

    So now just to re-image the school to something a bit more sensible and then, from that, I can play about with the various laptops make sure all the images work on those too and get them deployed nicely, I'm quite looking forward to this summer, despite having no new toys to play with through budget cuts, I think the work should go fairly smoothly (and feel free to quote me on that when it doesn't! lol)

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    Lots of free software to play with, might try getting rt to work with ldap, make a helpdesk that's not a google form

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    Time to get some real work done, while staff enjoy their 6 weeks off we can a ton of stuff sorted.
    Last of the Department websites setup and some content, fancy art work added.
    PC areas being removed, updated, replaced.
    Projectors being placed/removed.
    Server updates, maintenance, term time full backups of every server.
    Users leaving to be removed.
    Guides/cook books to be done.
    New frog background created for each year - this actually does look good.
    Prepare for new users/staff.
    Prepare september training: IT and Frog.
    Check one block has correct printer/driver installed for new print system.

    Think thats the main bulk of it all, although we have an electrical shut down in a weeks time for an entire week (again for the 5th time in about 2 years).

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    my list keeps growing from me only coming in for one day as im term time only.

    Im now working for almost the full 6 weeks....

    so far ive got,

    reimage 60-80 laptops
    server updates
    clean out server and cabinet
    take down each computer from classes ready for classrooms to be cleaned and redecorated
    put computers back up onto desks and update/tidy up
    collect all old kit to be recycled
    training day on new software
    setting up of a helpdesk
    rebuilding the school website
    i think thats it so far....
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