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General Chat Thread, Looking for advice : Promotion from Technician to Senior Technician in General; I was in the same boat recently (wanted to go from IT tech to Assistant Network Manager) and needed to ...
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    I was in the same boat recently (wanted to go from IT tech to Assistant Network Manager) and needed to push on as I have a baby due this year. I openly discussed it with my Network Manager first, then went to our line manager and finally to the head. After numerous meetings I was offered an interview and I was lucky enough to gain a promotion. Like Fazza said just be very upfront and honest and I am sure the school will do all they can to help you out.

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    I am in the same boat right now, we are a federation and i'm just about to take the senior tech role after a bad experience with a NM whos 'face didn't fit'. The vacancy has been advertised internally at 19k1 - 20k8, I've got 3 other adverts with pay around the 22k-23k5 mark which i'm going to take with me to my meeting and try my luck. I'm a pretty committed kind of person so I will stick with it for the foreseeable future, but every time i've jumped ship from a previous employer it's been for more money. (except this job, which is the same money as previous, but I wasn't going to ever be asked to do a 90 hour week in it)

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    Looking at point 1#
    "£16,830" They can go get lost. That is disgusting for what your asked to do. Im on more then that and that's just for an IT Network Technician for which I feel myself and (now the new not seen IT Techy) should be on at least what out new Senior Technician is on. Our New Senior Technician (no one is taking him away from us....) should be ideally be on 24k a year and a Network Manager on 30K+
    If you leave, im leaving too.... this place has just about cheesed me off with their ignorance over the years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fazza View Post
    ...If they dont budge then just thank them for their time, accept their offer of the £1,000 pay-rise and more importantly accept the Senior Technician job title. After 6 months in that position start looking for another job and when you find the right ones to apply for be open and honest with your bosses and tell them you've found another Senior Technician job (it's easier to get a job elsewhere as a Senior Tech if you already are one - hence why I recommend you accept the new job title as that's worth more than the pay-rise they're offering).

    If they value you, they'll try their best to keep you (more money) or they'll give you a good reference so you can get better money elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wagnerk View Post
    Why thank you!

    Honesty is always the best policy. I've always enjoyed working in Education and can't wait to get stuck in - 5 days, 3 hours and 50 minutes to go (not that I'm counting or marking of a calendar each and every day)...

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