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General Chat Thread, ..and today's fail is.... in General; I was supposed to be playing in the school orchestra last night at the summer concert, along with my daughter ...
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    ..and today's fail is....

    I was supposed to be playing in the school orchestra last night at the summer concert, along with my daughter who was going to help out the flutes.
    Somehow I got my days mixed up and I thought it was tonight.
    The bizarre thing is that I watched them rehearse the show all day yesterday - the rehearsal is ALWAYS on the same day as the concert - and I didnt think anything of it.

    Noone could ring me as they didnt have my number.

    I feel utterly stupid and rather worried - anyone who knows me will know that this is completely unlike me. I am normally the organisation queen.

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    It's July and you work in education, everyone's brain is mush at this point - teachers as they wind down and techies as we gear up. Take it as a sign that you are more than ready for a week off some time very soon!

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    Poor Witch, like soofsanta said - It's july and brains turn to mush at this time of year after long hours of work..... Your definitely due a break

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