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General Chat Thread, Adverts - good and bad in General; Originally Posted by witch Oh, the innocence of non-parenthood..... LOL True, but my mother would never have tolerated that from ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by witch View Post
    Oh, the innocence of non-parenthood.....
    LOL True, but my mother would never have tolerated that from my sister or I and indeed did not. That being said, I believe I will fight a losing battle as their father (aka LeBoyfriend) is much more liberal than me and the rudeness I've seen Mother-in-law tolerate from her Grandson does not fill me with confidence that my strict stance on respectful behaviour will in any way be supported. My disciplinary model will be the leaning tower of Pisa - undermined before I even finish building it. *sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMLightfoot View Post
    It seems to be part of their new stupid campaign - they are now trying to 'kill off' the Go Compare man. Presumably gearing their new marketing campaign around how annoyed people are by the opera dude. Personally I am MORE annoyed at stupid posters that look like they've been defaced by vandals - don't we have enough vandalism and degeneration of the high street in this country as it is without deliberately hanging a poster that makes the place look worse? I hate it hate it hate it!
    Interesting fact - Go Compare were apparently offering a new advertising/marketing contract - their only condition was that any adverts HAD to include both the opera guy and the song, non-negotiable. Pretty much every company refused to touch it with a barge pole - one did take it though and the result is what we have! Fair play to the marketing company though, they're doing the best they can with a train-wreck of a gimmick

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    Possibly one of the most strange ads going but it just makes me laugh.
    New Cadburys 'Eyebrow Dance' Advert (HQ) - YouTube

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    My favourite:

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    Quote Originally Posted by aerospacemango View Post
    Oh...and whilst I'm on this.... The new Go Compare posters have been radically altered around a certain Northants town.... Perhaps @synaesthesia or @GrumbleDook have noticed??
    Does anyone remember the Sega Pirate?

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