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General Chat Thread, academic journals, Athens etc in General; when I was at Uni I had an "Athens" login which let me search a multitude of academic journals for ...
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    academic journals, Athens etc

    when I was at Uni I had an "Athens" login which let me search a multitude of academic journals for articles relevant to my research.

    I want to be able to keep up with things and would like to be able to access these again, is there an affordable subscription or something?

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    As I understand it Athens is a single sign on model, but what it lets you access is based on whatever subscriptions that institution that issued your account has. So it's perfectly possible to go to a journal publisher's site, click the Athens log on button, enter your credentials and be told you can't access the resource you wanted.

    It might be worth seeing what your local public library can offer access to electronically or see if the local University library offers limited access to the general public - some do. But I am aware that journal subscriptions are horrendously expensive and often on very restrictive licenses so that might not be something they offer.

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