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General Chat Thread, It works .. IT WORKS .. I tell you it works ... in General; WHAT WORKS? You all shout in some sort of unison .. well I'll tell you .. I had a printer ...
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    It works .. IT WORKS .. I tell you it works ...

    WHAT WORKS? You all shout in some sort of unison .. well I'll tell you ..

    I had a printer that was slowly falling to bits today (throwing all sorts of errors up etc). Now, thank fully, I had a spare printer from our Printer Supplier on site for just such an occasion. The thing that worked, the ability to pop onto the server, change the MAC address in the DHCP server to being the new printer, change the drivers in the print management interface from the Printer Properties, plug new printer in and turn on and et voila .. it all works .. no interfering and editing of all the stuff, it just worked!! About bloody time something in this place did as I planned it to! lol ..

    All I had to do then was pop on to the admin interface, change the default password and setup the network name for the device, but the important part .. IT WORKED!!! YIPEE!!

    (ok, so I might be getting just a tad too excited about this, but hey!)

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    No, you're not getting over excited. I know exactly where you are coming from and I feel your joy

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