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General Chat Thread, Would you join an Association or Institute for IT Pros in Education? in General; Originally Posted by Ephelyon Completely agree. I thought it was Unison that had the majority of school support staff though? ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ephelyon View Post
    Completely agree. I thought it was Unison that had the majority of school support staff though? I'm in Unison.
    From a union point of view "yes", as there are specific union bodies that support staff join.

    There are differences between a union and a professional body.

    Union: an organization of workers who have banded together, often for the purpose of getting better working conditions or pay. Fighting for bettering overall working conditions, general representation (covers IT, estates, HLTA, etc), etc...

    Professional Body or Organisation: A group of people in a learned occupation who are entrusted with maintaining control or oversight of the legitimate practice of the occupation;" also a body acting "to safeguard the public interest;" organizations which "represent the interest of the professional practitioners," and so "act to maintain their own privileged and powerful position as a controlling body." Eg setting standards, raising the profession's/professional's status, specific to the job field (eg IT), etc...

    There is no "this one is better than that one" as they both focus on different things (there may be a minor cross over between the two, eg a professional association/body/organsation may offer Legal Advice Service, while a union may offer general CPD to the sector, say education, to it's members).
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